Painting Periods


Eva’s Painting Periods

Initial 5th Dimensional Art Period 1990-1998

This was an important time in my life as I met my art teacher Ross Drago,

whom helped me discover the 5th Dimensional Artwork, and ever since since 2003

I have hosted many 5th Dimensional Happenings in three different continents


eva1 eva2 eva3

The Tulip Motif Period 1999-2009

During this time I founded the Tulip Love healing system and started the

Tulip Temple sanctuary in Marin county, California.

Eva2004 Eva_Yehudits wed08


Continued Painting Period  2009 to present

In 2009 I moved to Jerusalem, in where I started the Tulip Center

while continuing my art work and 5th Dimensional Happenings.

You are also welcome to join the TLC Facebook group ~ Tulip Love Community.

  Eva_at_Yam Hamelach

Eva w. FH flowers