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Pointing towards Beauty

EVA ABANTE 2016 Sthlm

Beauty heals the soul, and we need it in this fractured world, that’s why ‘Pointing towards Beauty’ helps us remember how incredible our world is, with its so many miracleous creations. Being artistic is like a collective gesture towards healing our…


Art as in the Tree of Life


Art as in the Tree of Life I took a walk with my friends the other day and I asked them if they have the same experience I have when they travel. Everywhere I have been, I begin to feel the energy…


Facial Expressions

Distored reality

Ever since I was a child I have loved to draw faces, and at times I will draw a face out of memory; suddenly this person/being I know from life appears on the sketch pad. At times I give them a copy…


6 days of Creating

Pomegranates HELEN copy

Creating 6 days every week is a lot of time do be doing cool and amazing projects – basically creating anything out of our minds fantasy. After such days, I love to Celebrate the 7th Day … the day of…


A Walking Painting

eva at printer2

Can I be my own ‘Walking Painting’? Why not, if i created it can’t I be it? I plan to show my 5th Dimensional Art this way, the coming weeks at different fairs. As the first one, I choose a…


A Tropical Visit


Greetings to you! So after an amazing visit to the land of Tulips, I am now off to new shores. Usually, I go to museums to soak up every little brush stoke any old oil painting master can do and…


Re-visiting the land of Tulips

Tulips & SacredEgg.2001

I landed in Amsterdam again and I can’t wait to see the Tulips growing every where…. We are for sure planning to visit the most popular fields of Tulips in the whole world ~ Kukenheuf.  As well as the known Gemeente Museum in…


5th Dimension near the Sea

There & Not there

For the International Women’s Day we will have the 5th Dimension near the Sea. In the featured image you can see a depiction of an oriental woman, mysteriously looking at us, under her hat. This is an art piece from…


When Art Meets Science


  Maybe I can venture to say that my 5th Dimensional Artwork is a form of a melting pot between a physical realm within an artistic landscape … basically allowing for a playful space of interactive art. So can I…


5th Dimension for Women


Usually my 5th Dimensional Happenings are co-ed, yet this month we had an event for women only. I think for some women it felt more at ease to be in the same gender setting and enter into the playful landscape…