When Art Meets Science


  Maybe I can venture to say that my 5th Dimensional Artwork is a form of a melting pot between a physical realm within an artistic landscape … basically allowing for a playful space of interactive art. So can I…


5th Dimension for Women


Usually my 5th Dimensional Happenings are co-ed, yet this month we had an event for women only. I think for some women it felt more at ease to be in the same gender setting and enter into the playful landscape…


Kabbalah Prints


In my last blog I wrote how I usually get inspiration for my next art piece through visions when walking or being in nature, or while in meditation. I like to follow up on this topic and share more what…


Sacred Visions

Tulip Gateway blue-cut

Sacred Visions seam to come to me more at ease when i am in nature, inside G’d given beautiful places. I feel so lucky for having been able to travel to the other side of the planet from where I…


Adam & Eve in the Tropical 5th Dimension

Adam & Eve cornerned

On my way to the Big Island in Hawaii, I saw from the airplane the ultimate beaches of paradise and green lush tropical forests. So inviting to swim in and take a dip, to purify ones soul and being, body,…


Eclipsing into Art

hypo in space

We had the most amazing experience last week, witnessing Mother Nature and G’ds creation unite in one of a kind Solar Eclipse expression. The sky became a dark dome enveloping us from above, at the same time as Mother Earth…


New Artistic Landscape

eva in fields

Last summer I went to visit Skagen in Denmark, and the light there was amazing. Same brightness one experiences in Jerusalem, yet there it was tinted with the faint marine blue colors reflected in the clouds. This summer I am…


Art in Childhood Land

carl larsson karin

My Swedish cousine’s from my Father’s side invited me to their midsummer celebrations, and its probably 30 years ago since I witnessed this old tradition of dancing around the Maypole in Dalarna. My grand parents used to live in Älvdalen,…


In the Land of Tulips

tulip at elisabeth cardell YtterJarna

After a long winter in the Holy City and taking an extended brake from the usual activities at the Tulip Center, I arrived to a real cold and long spring in Sweden. With me, I took all my favorite color…


The Art of Blooming


What is the Art of Blooming? What makes me bloom and thrive in the light of shining power? The flowers know so well to be adorned by G’d’s sunlight and elements, yet do we know how to blossom to unimaginable…