Art in Childhood Land

carl larsson karin

My Swedish cousine’s from my Father’s side invited me to their midsummer celebrations, and its probably 30 years ago since I witnessed this old tradition of dancing around the Maypole in Dalarna. My grand parents used to live in Älvdalen,…


In the Land of Tulips

tulip at elisabeth cardell YtterJarna

After a long winter in the Holy City and taking an extended brake from the usual activities at the Tulip Center, I arrived to a real cold and long spring in Sweden. With me, I took all my favorite color…


The Art of Blooming


What is the Art of Blooming? What makes me bloom and thrive in the light of shining power? The flowers know so well to be adorned by G’d’s sunlight and elements, yet do we know how to blossom to unimaginable…


The Gifts of Art

Oriental Song1

Art keeps Life Alive, Music keeps us fluid and happy, while Dance makes us move and shake! These added Gifts of Life are indeed precious affirmations of what makes us more flowing and joyous. Art & Playfulness is not a…


New Beginnings

Eva on Mount Tam

Just after Tu B’shvat, the New Year Celebration of the Trees, I left the the Holy City Jerusalem for a sabbatical. The Tulip Center will be back later in the year. I plan to travel and see where else to…


New Moon starts the month of the Trees

Woman & Palm color

Around this time of the year, I always feel the itch to grow a bit taller, as the new leaves are about to arrive, the flowers are eager to meet the sun light in a few weeks. The bulbs who…


Join our 5th Dimensional Happenings


If you have never been to our 5th Dimensional Happenings I highly recommend this unusual experience, especially if you enjoy movement, and you are an art lover. If you are neither of the above, you can still come and enjoy a special multi media…


What really matters during the Holiday season…


Soon the Holiday season craze is here again; what can we buy that does not make our bank account become minus for the next 3 months, especially if we are part of a big family. What really matters during the…


Visiting museums in Amsterdam after my book talks


As always, when visiting art museums and seeing the true master’s paint strokes on canvases I have this strong desire to run to my own easel and start a new painting. After a long and good summer in Sweden, then…


On route to the land of Tulips


As an avid Tulip Lover and the Author of the book Tulip Love, I am returning to the Netherlands to give two book talks and for a few meetings about my work and art. I love that Northern European country as…